POP UP Dahlia bed 2015.

Vasagatan 50 various Dahlias and Gladiolus.


This was a non planned spontaneous activity.

In the city the center of Gothenburg Sweden the flower beds outside a University building was abandoned. The location is perfect for plants and is loved buy the students, when taking a brake drinking coffee and smoking in the afternoon sun.


I did have some leftover bulbs what I planted in May.

The amazing thing what happened was that some time after I planted the bulbs the owner of the building tok action and reactivated the old plant beds.


I did have my doubt´s if the Dahlias would survive the summer and autumn. The flower bed is located close to a night club in a party area in the city. The Dahlias reached the autumn flowering nicely with minor damages and produces a lot of flowers and produced nice seeds for new plants 2016 so I hope that I will got some new variations for new up coming projects.


The only damage in 4 months.

This was the only thing what happened in the whole growing season,

during one weekend somebody has standing in the flower bed.