I did have problem with being a commercial Artist, selling works through Galleries and privat. To see my work as investment ans feeling a pressure that people did have hopes in future payback. I felt always bad when I saw a work of mine in a auction house or if someone called me an asked if I could help them to sell my work to some one else. I feel very ambivalent as I always tried to do and give my best in art work.

It resulted in that I focused to earn my money in teaching and that I produced artworks what was not collectible as working with plants and geodesic domes. I want now to collect and publish the picture of this works as I found them in the web or nice people and collectors send picture from them to me.

Stjärnfall över Rüdesheim 1992-93 Olja på duk.

Starfall over Rüdesheim 1992-93 Oil on canvas.


I was obsessed in this time of multipel perspectives and layers.

It was a ideá that it always got a possibility to interact wit an earlier stage on a way to reach a statement that carried the essence of something I didn't now before but hopefully was able to see.


I got a phone call I November 2022 and it was a really nice Priest who called me and told me that their family did have a pinting from me. She wanted me to tell her about my thoughts about this picture and if I agreed to let here youse the picture in a course she aranged for further education of priests in pastoral care. The concept was to use the image and do personal interpretations from the picture as starting point. I was of course flattered and happy to get a digital image from a analog time.


Left picture. "Arizona" Light tube, oil on plywood 1998 or 1999

Right picture. "Last holiday on Ibiza" Light tube, oil on plywood 1998 or 1999

This paintings was bought from Public Art Agency Sweden probably 1999 and are placed in Norrköping University Sweden.


Left.Untitled, 1997 45 x 23 x 4 cm           Middle. Why? 2000  54 x 42 x 5.5 cm                Right Young girl, 2000 41 x 49 x 11 cm.

Object, painted tree, mirror.                Oil and fluorescent lamp on plywood.               Oil and fluorescent lamp on plywood.

Bukowskis 2019                               Bukowskis Helsinki 2022                            Bukowskis








"Black & White" 2000 35x58 cm.                                    N.N. 1999 33x30 cm  

Lysrör, olja på plywood.                       Lysrör, olja på plywood.