The BURNING FIELD project, November 1 2014,  was part of the ongoing Vitlycke museum research to make our past history visible. During the Bronze Age fire was important--for cooking, heating, and forging instruments of such high quality that further research is required for us to understand their methods.  The bonfire is a still a part of the Nordic ritual celebration of different times of the solstice.


Vitlycke Museum thus ended their 2014 season with a festival to highlight our relationship to fire, light and our past.  Drum music, viewing of rock carvings by firelight and for the first time, burning sculpture reminded the public of our link to the bronze age culture.   Sculptures were produced by Peter Ojstersek, Leslie Johnson, Gabo Camnitzer & Jeff Olsson, and Karl Bergström. A reference for this event is the Burning Man Festival, a celebration of self-expression community and art,  held in the Nevada desert annually.

Karl Bergström

This sculpture was based on the form of the pyramid. Fired consumed the 5 meter high pyramid structure, from below.


Gabo Camnitzer & Jeff Olsson


A double decker campfire burning simultaneously--this simple iconic form for community meeting and cooking  slludes to the modern life in multi level apartment buildings. 


Leslie Johnson


A looped projection of IKEA kitchen units, ready for purchase, is projected on a wooden billboard.  The kitchen, veneer cabinets, flashy tile and utensils, thus burns as does the text below "Dröm Köket" reminding us that the fire was the essential element.


Peter Ojstersek


An iconic 5 meter l hand, with palm facing the public,  burns slowly against the night sky.  As a symbol the hand has significance in a multitude of world religions and we are reminded of the hand as a common symbol. 




There were several other events at this festival and it should have been good if all was concentrated in the same area as the spectacle of burning would have been fully experienced with a longer period of contemplation on the part of the public.

The technical staff of the museum generously assisted in the workshop. 

Cooperation of Tanum soptip was good.

Weather made it a difficult installation.

Focus on the event in the promotion would give the public a better opportunity to experience the power of the burning sculptures.