"Taşınma - Yeni Komşular" / "Moving in - New Neighbours"

“Dialog is characterized through the differences between human and their convictions. These differences enrich our co-habitation, make it vivid and colorful and open new horizons. Cultural self-confidence instead of uniformity is a necessary condition. The exhibition "Moving In" presents art positions dealing with public space, privacy, individuality, community, communication, influences of global images to local communities, misunderstanding or inner conflicts of memories in new contexts.”
Jaana Prüss, curator from Berlin.

Sanatçılar / Artsist:
Eva Bertram, Patrick Jambon, Barbara Klinker, Lila Karbowska, Peter Ojstersek, Fabian Schubert, Karen Stuke 

Kütatörler / Curators:
Jaana Prüss (Berlin)
Çağla Ormanlar (İstanbul)