Skvader. 2011.

•Soap, concrete, wood, epoxy nylon fibers silicone, pigments, dimmable neon light bulbs and a microcontroller.

•The controller card is specifically designed for my work,

•to drive fluorescent lamps with dimmable ballast.
The card has 32 analog outputs, each of which can provide a voltage 0-10 volts.
These voltages are connected to the dimmable transformers.
The card also has 12 digital outputs directly drive LEDs or strong lights.
There is also a serial port that used to connect sensors in the present case we have a
distance sensor that works with ultrasound.

Its possible to have multiple ones, up to 16 pcs.
It is possible to use other types of sensors also such as infrared sensors, or perhaps a temperature sensor for detecting living beings.



•Microcontroller with 8 processors, 32 kByte memory clock time 80 MHz.

•Program code and the light sequences stored in a EEPROM, memory 32 kByte. 

•Pc programming is down loaded on the EEPROM and after that the card works independent from PC.

•The card can visualize text and simple graphic on a screen.

•It´s also possible to control spotlights and light systems trough one DMX-port.


•Tomas Nilsson Torptronics designed built and programmed the controller card.