" Project Hacke"  Interaction with nature and coincidences  2022   https://youtu.be/AMQtyBaReZI

On the walking path to my studio in Hisingen, Göteborg Sweden I pass a small building  close to a part of the Volvo truck factory and a  small forest between the factory area and living houses

The small building is a kind of shell construction and it doesn't look to have a function. Through my walks, I noticed that copper thieves use the hole in the wall to drop the cable insulation in the house.  One day when passing by and as usual locking at the whole I heard a woodpecker nearby.

 The woodpecker sound and the image made a big impact on me and I felt that I wanted to try out to work with the sound and the image.

Later in the fall, the hole was covered with two plywood boards in a widescreen format. I was a bit confused about the changes and continued my way to the studio. In the forest I meet an older man with a german Shepard, close to him was a younger guy with a hoodie and a tracksuit. The younger guy didn´t want to show his face and he was scrolling dismantled copper cables into manageable sizes.  It was an odd situation as it was a lot of copper. I passed buy on my way to the studio. On the homeway, I realized that the copper thieves left some of their comodities in the forest, may be uncomfortable with our meeting.

The small building seems to be under constant attack from people who need to get rid off leftovers from different activities.

"Wall´s"  2022 Peter Ojstersek

1.Hacke, video still print with QR code.  2. Hole in the neck.  3. Dog.  4. Black cat.  5. Soap duck.  Peter Ojstersek  2022  30x40 cm watercolors and linoleum prints on paper.  6.  Joseph Beuys N.N. 30x40 cm print.  7. The dogs (hundarna) Jim Hornö 42x52 cm oil painting.

In my process of thoughts, walks of pleasure and sense,  on an everyday basis for possible works.

On my studio wall, I have an atypical Josef Boys print, this print is placed side by side with a painting from my grandfather Jim Hornö, he was an autodidact artist and was thrilled about the idea from Beuys "Jeder Mench ist ein Künstler"  “Every man is an artist” I nailed up this two pictures on my studio wall 18 months ago.

My first vague idea was to see what impact this constellation could have on me, and expose myself to this constellation and if that could make me more aware of something………..

The natural following idea was to connect my paper works, watercolors, and linoleum prints, and place them side by side with the pictures and see what happens. I got the feeling that the impact of this setup also came out in my daily walks and how I responded to the surrounding neighborhood on a daily basis. I felt that I recognise  and saw similar structures on my studio wall with Joseph Beuys print and my Grandfathers painting "The dogs"  (hundarna), and the collected research material for the "Hacke Project" The images and associations hook and connect in my mind on an emotional level.  It feels good.

The small gray house along the road to my studio functions as some kind of mirror of thoughts. When something happens around the house and surroundings, it automatically started to generate new thoughts about life and how these changes are connected to my mind and the microcosmos generated along my walking path. Nothing odd with this, I suppose all human beings create sense and meaning from feelings and surrounding information. The initial idea of "The Wall" was to create a visualization of a situation that impacted me, and an attempt to transport a fragile impression, manifested in image sound, and material. 


Peter Ojstersek