Floral Bouquets 2014

11 June.


25 June.

Digitalis mutation (Peloria) 

Digitalis is one of the most famous among medicinal plants. It contains several substances that affect the heart. They strengthen the heart muscle and the heart may be a slower and more regular rhythm. It was in the 1700s as Digitalis came to replace the lily of the valley as heart medicine. Digitalis belongs to the biennial plants, but occurs in most cases several years. New sprouting giving flower next year we can influence by removing the withered stalks as soon as possible. The flowers can be purple, red, pink, cream or white, usually with dark spotted and hairy inside. It happens not infrequently that the Digitalis form becomes more or less flat flowers in the top of the inflorescence. The flowers almost look like a skirt. A similar abnormality was studied by Linnaeus in gulsporren (Linaria vulgaris). He called this peloria. We now know that peloria arises through a mutation. But Linnaeus was very puzzled by this and concluded that the usual gulsporren had crossed with another plant.

4 May.

Daffodil (Yellow Narciss)


"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" (also commonly known as "Daffodils")

is a lyric poem by William Wordsworth.

The poem was inspired by an event on 15 April 1802,

in which Wordsworth an his sister Dorothy came across a "long belt" of Affodils.

Written some time between 1804 and 1807.



27 April.

Anemone nemorosa (Wood anemone, windflower, thimbleweed) and grape hyacint.

The wood anemone is a definite indicator that the spring has arrived to the Scandinavian countries.


26 April.


Ethymology. The name Narcissus is brought from Greek mythology from the young beautiful Narcissus who got in love on his own self image reflected in a pool,

he died and transformed to a flower.





23 April.


Bettans Birthday Bouquet.

Gerbera is a genus of ornamental plants from the sunflover family (Astreraceae) it was named of the German botanist and naturalist,

Traugott Gerber (died 1743) who travelled extensively in Russia and was a friend of Carl von Linné.



18 April. 

Birch branches and feathers.

The life on the countryside in Sweden offen starts with the Eastern holliday and with a Eastern tree, twigs with coloured feathers.


Floral Bouquets 2013

22 June.



Floral Bouquets.

The short Swedish summer flowers in ditches, meadows and gardens. 

We enjoy taking the flowers inside the house. I like to take pictures from the bouquets we make. The images are notes of time, activities and events that coincidentally will be a staffage around the flower bouquets.


10 July.

Peony,columbine and loosestrife.

Doftpion, akleja och praktlysing.

16 July.

Loosestrife,fireweed and sweet william. 

Praktlysing, rallarros och borstnejlika.

23 July.

Loosestrife,ox-eye daisy and garden cosmos/Mexican aster.

Praktlysing, prästkrage, rosenskära/cosmos.

23 July.

Loosestrife,ox-eye daisy and tufted vetch.

Praktlysing, prästkrage och kråkvicker.

4 Aug.

Flox, Solhatt,

4 Aug.

4 Aug.

Loosestrife,ox-eye daisy and garden cosmos/Mexican aster and tufted vetch.

Praktlysing, prästkrage, rosenskära/cosmos och Kråkvicker.

10 Aug.

16 Aug.

20 Aug.

21 Aug.

21 Aug.

7 Sept.

7 Sept.

7 Sept.

12 Sept.


Dahlior, Flox, Cosmea och Malva.

The last boquet 2013.