"Jukebox for a Pumpkin" 2016 Peter Ojstersek.

"Water Research Area" Karlstad Opening 2 July.


The topic for this project is failure and is it possible to control nature?


One single seed with a heavy heritage is planted.

The seed does have prominent parents as with the mother Holland 1448 lbs 657 kg and with the father Meier 2323 lbs 1054 kg. 


Is it possible for the upcoming generation to meet their own and the

expectations from the surrounding worlds when belonging to a family tree of heavy weight legends.


The seed arrived on the 4 May and was put in water for soaking 24h,

the planted in soil and perlite mixture. after three weeks in the kitchen window it´s time for a bigger pot.

20 Juni.

Huvudpersonen i "Jukebox for a Pumpkin" Maretopia, Water Research Are i Karlstad växer i sin roll cm för cm under de senaste 3 veckorna. Bladen har nu nått storleken av en 33 varvs LP skiva.

Pumpan har nått en längd på 180 cm och växer med 7 cm per dag.


Ett stort tack till http://www.ludvigsvensson.com/climatescreens/products/additional-products/weather-protection/solarwoven-ultra

för sponsring av växthusväv till att täck domen och till http://www.econova.se/ vilka sponsrat projektet med 1m3 jord. Detta behövs då pumpan nu är på diet för att inte bli för stor inför transporten och växer i en 8 liters jordpåse inför omplantering in en 1000 liters IBC tank i Maretopia, Water Research Are i Karlstad.


20 June. 

The protagonist in "Jukebox for a Pumpkin" Maretopia, Water Research Area in Karlstad Sweden is growing in his role cm by cm during the last 3 weeks. The leaves has reached the size of 33 rpm LP vinyl records.


The Pumpin has reach a lenght of 180 cm and grows about 7 cm a day.




Thanks to Ludvig Svensson http://www.ludvigsvensson.com/climatescreens/products/additional-products/weather-protection/solarwoven-ultra

för sponsoring this project with greenhouse textile for covering the dome and econova http://www.econova.se/ sponsoring the project with 1m3 soil/earth. Thanks to http://www.econova.se/ The pumpkin is now on diet so it will not be to big for the transport and is now growing in a 8 liter soil bag. The pumpkin will be replanted in a 1000 liter IBC tank placed in a new built dome at Maretopia, Water Research Are i Karlstad.



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